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Lumah Wellness Centre is happy to provide Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) across a number of settings. 

It is well evidenced that Animal Assisted Therapy has many benefits including:   

  • Increased emotional regulation: Children and Adults can learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors through interaction with animals, leading to reduced symptoms of trauma and improved overall mental health.

  • Improved communication skills: Children & Adults can use AAT as a tool to communicate their feelings and experiences, which can lead to better therapeutic outcomes.

  • Increased trust and safety: People can feel safer and more secure in therapy when an animal is present, which can lead to increased trust in the therapeutic process.

  • Enhanced physical well-being: Children & Adults can improve their physical well-being through activities such as grooming and walking the animal, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem.

  • Decreased anxiety: Spending time with animals can decrease feelings of anxiety and provide a sense of comfort and support for children & adults who have experienced trauma.

  • Increased engagement: People may be more likely to engage in therapy and be more receptive to therapeutic interventions when an animal is present.

  • Increased community engagement, dogs are a great way to support a child to attend school and other community events. 

  • Great tool to accompany adults who experience anxiety into the community for emotional support.

Meet Bert

Hi, I'm Bert,

I am a friendly well-mannered therapy dog.

I am proud that I have done really well in my training.

I worked hard as I love working with Children and Adults and I really want to get to know you all.

I proudly hold a Lead the Way Certificate.  This means I am a provisionally qualified therapy dog and my owner is a provisionally qualified dog handler. She stays with me at all times to ensure I  follow her lead. 

People say I'm heaps cute - I know I definitely love playing and cuddles, but sometimes I also like to just sit with you. 

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