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I'm Emily

Having been privileged to work with a diverse range of clients since becoming a social worker in 2001, I have a deep reverence for the power of healing through connection. As a counsellor, I offer a non-judgemental space in which you can be seen, heard and valued, just as you are.


I am trained in a range of counselling modalities as well as being interested in how experiences of distress and trauma impact the body and nervous system. When life is challenging, our instinct is to struggle or move away from it. Our nervous system responds on autopilot and we find ourselves either racing through life, unable to slow down, or feeling shut down or frozen. My aim is meet you wherever you find yourself and support you to navigate or reorient toward greater ease and fulfilment.


I offer a wholistic approach; both traditional talk therapy and creative, relaxation and mindfulness practices. In a world that prioritises thinking over feeling, I honour the benefits of balancing mental/emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


My professional experience spans 22 years as a social worker within adolescent and mental health services, grief and loss support, parenting programs and as a counsellor within a university. I have been a student of yoga and meditation for all my adult life and draw strength and inspiration from these practices. With lived experience of fertility issues and pregnancy and baby loss, I have a special interest in supporting people with these types of losses, and with grief and mental health difficulties of any nature. I look forward to meeting you.


TO book a time with Emily please call 0493 421 292 or email

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