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Kellie Papas

Kellie invites you to connect. Intuitively deepening your relationship to your highest potential 

Kellie offers the powerful and transformative modality of QHHT Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy. Delores Cannon trained Level Two QHHT practitioner. Kellie will journey deeply with you to create a connection to higher self, often visiting past lives and activating self healing.

Reveal Life purpose, Resolve Karmic Cycles, Restore Inner Peace. 

As a Selenite Sword practitioner, Kellie will allow you to experience a powerful Light Body activation, chakra clearing and balancing. You will be left feeling lighter, cleaner and more connected to your higher inner realms. 

Through Access Bars and Energetic Facelift, Kellie uses this beautiful healing modality to leave you feeling clear and energised. 

As a Red Tent and woman’s circle facilitator, Kellie runs a divine red tent that ushers women through the New Moon cycle in a nurturing and nourishing way. A timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures, it serves as a regular forum for empowering one’s feminine sense of self-hood.

Sophia Code Circle Leader. ~ Sophia Circles are high-touch (as opposed to high-tech), relationship communities where its members can interact and support each other in person and heart-to-heart through monthly meetings.

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