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Empty Arms - Conception Loss Counselling & Support

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Conception loss is extremely stressful – it is a grief that is not readily spoken about in the community, yet our bodies and emotional systems react in the same way as if a close loved one has died.  


There are many facets of this invisible grief that are always deeply personal.


Essentially one is mourning loss and living in hope all at once. It is literally a roller coaster. Sometimes one is navigating this alone, or we may be part of a couple – either way, everyone responds differently. Holding space for others in your life becomes a challenge. 


Designed for people who are experiencing fertility loss; Empty Arms offers one to one, couples and group counselling aimed at addressing the many complexities you encounter on this journey.


Empowering you to choose your own path, this service is an invitation to explore the many impacts of experiencing fertility loss, and design ways in which you wish to respond. Support is given around decision-making from YOUR values. It is a space to take time to reflect on your journey so far & to take time out to direct what is right for you moving forward.


Grief and loss are explored using evidence-based psychotherapy approaches. Space will be created to explore the many questions that go with this experience. 


Most couples and individuals have dilemmas to explore such as:

  • What method of assisted conception is right for you?

  • Should I / we keep trying’? 

  • What does it mean to ‘keep trying’?

  • What are our non-negotiables? (how many IVF cycles, Mental health, couple tension etc)

  • What if we are successful?

  • How to settle with the change of a different future

  • Childless – now what. Feeling guilty for feeling relief

  • Parent and sibling pressure- supporting your parents and loved ones to support you.

  • What do I find supportive? How do I look after myself in this?

  • How do I cope with new babies, 1st birthdays, baby showers etc???

Ciara Merrifield, Psychotherapist offers individual, couples therapy & a series of workshops to support with this life transition. Group work offers a safe community to explore your experiences with compassionate people. Please register your interest through the link above or call Ciara on 0493 421 292

Empty Arms Services

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