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Welcome to Lumah

A sanctuary offered to process, relax, heal.


Welcome to a place that is designed to empower you.

Lumah services have been designed with your whole body in mind. Our services address nervous system health, heart connection, and the easing of anguish.


The setting and offerings provide a space for you to process, relax and emerge.

A true holistic center we offer many different therapies – Beauty therapy, psychotherapy, massage, and reiki to name a few. There is something for everyone here.

Our bodies and minds have amazing self-healing abilities. Nature offers many tools to soothe. Lumah incorporates forms of nature therapy into our services.

Sometimes we all need help to connect with our inner healing systems. We invite you to sink into our surroundings to discover your true autonomous self.

Browse our page of facilitators to find out more. Please call with any questions – Ciara is always happy to chat about your healing and well-being needs. 

Our Facilitators


Our Facilitators at Lumah Wellness Centre welcome you to explore your options and needs. We work closely together to offer you a holistic approach to your wellness journey.

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